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Ökuskóli 3

The office is open weekdays from 9 to 13

Training in driving, ökuskóla3, may not take place until the driving student has completed driving school 1 and 2 (Ö1, Ö2) and 12 practical driving lessons with a driving instructor.
Registration fee: 45.000,- kr.


The driving instruction book should show that Ö1, Ö2 and at least 12 driving hours have been completed.
Those who do not have the Driving Study Book with them will not be able to enter the course.
Those who have completed a driving test show a driving license instead of a driving instruction book.

Registration for Ökuskóla3

To register for a course, go to "Registration for courses"

All driving students must complete a driving course before taking a driving test.

Anyone with a valid driving license can also study driving.

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